Industrie 4.0, IoT and AI - Legal and Social Challenges

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03/21/2017 | 10:00 午前
- 02:00 午後
CeBIT 2017、ホール3、コンベンションセンター(CC)

Industrie 4.0, IoT and AI - Legal and Social Challenges
German-Japanese Value Partnership

日時: 2017年3月21日(火)、10時 – 14時(ネットワーキング含む)
会場: CeBIT 2017、ホール3、コンベンションセンター(CC)
言語: 英語(日本語とドイツ語のスクリーンとウェブキャスティング予定)
参加者: 最大250名 (製造業、R&D、産業・貿易団体、機関、政府関連、プレス)
参加費:37,50 ユーロ+付加価値税19%(料金には、見本市入場料、ランチ、コーヒーブレイクが含まれる)


Industry 4.0, IoT and AI will replace decision and control of humans by “intelligent” machines controlled by networks and entrust possibly existential decisions to artificial intelligence. The enormous potential of freeing mankind from monotonous conductor tasks must be balanced by protection against the increasing danger of loss of essential control and freedom, which could ultimately annihilate the dignity of human beings and mankind as a whole. The huge legal and social challenges of this control revolution require that ultimate control is preserved for humans by human values. The eight principles proposed at the G7 meeting in Takamatsu/Japan in April 2016 have confirmed such need. This panel discussion intends to contribute to a German-Japanese Value Partnership to develop reliable answers.

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